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About us

Meeùs & Co
A Paper and Board Agency

    Key Facts

  • Meeus & Co is a paper and board agent established on the Benelux market since 1945
  • We sell in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg some 50.000 T per year of all kind of papers and boards produced all over the world
  • We are selling our products to the graphical, packaging and industrial world
  • Through our European alliance we sell some 400.000T to the European market with partners established in Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain and Italy

Our activities are divided into graphical and packaging/industrial enabling us to offer our customer a “one stop shopping solution”.

  • In the graphical sector we have regular business with all paper merchants and directly with several major customers
  • In the packaging and industrial sector we cover general converters, flexible packaging, folding-boxboard , corrugated board, files, bookbinders, envelopes, laminators, as well as the general industry

  • Our customer relations are build up from the shop floor to the top management, meaning we care about both the people who decide the daily business as well as the general managers or owners who take strategic decisions.

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Vaucampslaan 32
1654 Huizingen
(+32) 2 363 08 65

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